OpenVSP Ground School is Live!

The Open Vehicle Sketch Pad online training program is now available!

This early release is intended to provide basic instruction to users of all experience levels but will be most useful for those new to OpenVSP.  The content within this site will be growing significantly over the next several months so I hope that you follow along and learn the many uses of this powerful design tool.

A tentative content map will be provided soon showing the expected breakdown of topics by Chapter > Subject > and Topic.  As the site grows, we will be adding summaries of the video content to each page along with procedures as appropriate to help you follow along.  A comprehensive walkthrough for modeling a representative aircraft will be posted soon!

Many in the user community have asked for a learning resource like this so we are striving to make it the best that we can.  Expect changes as we grow into this new framework and bear with us as we find the bugs.

We are very excited about this program and hope that you can use the tutorials to not only learn OpenVSP basics but to keep it as a library of knowledge along with the existing OpenVSP resources.  We hope you enjoy the videos!

NASA’s X-57 Maxwell Common Research Model