Free Fuselage Design Policy


The free Fuselage design policy is similar to the loop policy except that any cross-section may be placed anywhere along the design length of the Fuselage component. This includes the first and last cross-sections which means that depending on the location of these sections, the actual physical length of the part modeled may be nowhere near the same length specified in design. As long as the user ensures that at least one section is placed at the 0.0 and 1.0 length positions, the design length and physical length will be similar. Exceptions are when Skinning forces the surface to loft forward of the 0.0 X position or aft of the 1.0 X position. Uses for this design policy include shaping engine nacelles with flat inlet and exits to be defined as boundary conditions for flow solvers. Freeform geometries are another application. This tutorial demonstrates how to use the free design policy and an example case.