Avoiding Edit Curve with Airfoils


A somewhat significant exception to the conversion accuracy of sections to Edit Curves is that of airfoils. While a NACA 4-series may be very closely approximated by an Edit Curve conversion, it is not exact. More complex airfoils such as NACA 6-series or custom AF/DAT airfoils will rarely be well approximated. Which is to be expected given that airfoils have very specific geometric definitions that are difficult to capture with longer, piecewise curve segments. Users are strongly discouraged from attempting to design airfoils with the Curve Editor.

This is not to say that converting an airfoil to an Edit Curve cannot be useful. In some cases, for example when blending a wing to a fuselage, an edit curve will result in a custom profile that will blend well to a surface. Another example is with the slight modification or reparameterization of a Wedge or biconvex airfoil type, which are formed from either straight or parabolic segments and will be exactly captured by an Edit Curve conversion.