Chapter 1: OpenVSP Fundamentals


Main Workspace
Working with Files
Adjusting the Workspace
Changing the Background
Standard Views
Changing the View Center of Reference
Setting Custom Views
Manually Adjusting the Current View
Clipboard, Selection, and View States
Model Surface Representations
Viewing Degenerate Geometries
Adjusting Parameters with Sliders and Inputs
Parameter Details and Drag-and-Drop

General Component Information

Component Name and Color
Component Tessellation
Mass Properties: Fundamentals
Mass Properties: Priority and Intersection
Component Transformation
Attachment to Parent Origin
Attachment to Parent Surface
Component Symmetry Introduction
Symmetry and Attachment
Symmetry with Propellers

Introduction to the Basic Modeling Process

Common Sources of Information
Adding a Background Image
Creating the Fuselage
Shaping the Fuselage
Creating the Wing
Creating the Vertical Tail
Wing Placement and Airfoils
Creating Nacelles
Vertical Tail Fairing and Wrap Up


Wing Introduction
Wing Planform
Cap Treatment
Single-Section Wings
Multi-Section Wings
Sweep, Twist, and Dihedral
Relative vs. Absolute Twist and Dihedral
Rotating Airfoils to Match Dihedral
Wing Airfoil Selection


Fuselage Introduction
Adding or Removing Fuselage Cross-Sections
Positioning Fuselage Cross-Sections
Rotating Fuselage Cross-Sections
Changing the Fuselage Cross-Section Type
Fuselage Caps
Loop Fuselage Design Policy
Free Fuselage Design Policy


Pod Design Parameters


Ellipsoid Design Parameters

Human Mesh

Human Component Introduction
Human Anthropometric Settings
Human Pose Settings

Skinning, Blending, and Section Modification

Skinning Introduction
Skinning Angles
Skinning Strength
Skinning with Slew
Skinning with Curvature
Skinning Symmetry
Skinning Continuity
Skinning for Flow-Through Components
Removing Skinning Control
Wing Blending Introduction
Blending Winglets
Modifying Airfoils: Shift, Rotate, and Scale
Modifying Airfoils: Leading and Trailing Edge Closure