VSPAERO Introduction


VSPAERO is a potential flow aerodynamics tool developed by Dave Kinney at NASA Ames. The solver was designed from the ground up to leverage OpenVSP geometries and the DegenGeom thin-surface representation. These tutorials are intended to provide basic information into the operation of the VSPAERO GUI rather than an explanation of the underlying theories and methods. This video provides an overview of the VSPAERO GUI and two examples of how to execute a run.

Links to prior OpenVSP Workshops where VSPAERO theory and background are discussed are provided below.
2020 Workshop – VSPAERO Theory, Validation, and Features recording
2022 Workshop – VSPAERO Recent Updates and Improvements recording
(2022 Presentation Slides)

Modeling best-practices for VSPAERO discussed at the 2021 OpenVSP Workshop are available below. Note that some material will be dated as this presentation was produced using OpenVSP 3.25.0.
Presentation Slides
Presentation Recording