Variable Presets


Variable Presets are an incredibly versatile and powerful function within OpenVSP that enable multiple, preconfigured parameter settings to be swapped with the click of a button. Variable Presets differ from Design Variables in that the presets are not intended to be interacted with or altered outside of OpenVSP for large design space explorations. Rather, the presets are intended to act as stored configurations of various settings that can be quickly switched within the GUI. For example, you can use the basic frame of a transport aircraft and variable presets to switch between different manufacturers and passenger classes in a single model. You can quickly switch between low, medium, and high resolution surface tessellation. You can also save analysis input settings (such as VSPAERO) to quickly set up and run different conditions. The possibilities are relatively boundless with this feature.


Variable Preset Introduction
Preset Groups, Settings, and Adding Variables
Adjusting Parameters and Updating a Setting
Variable Preset Example: NASA X-57

Chapter 2 Subjects

Component Sets
Design Variables
Variable Presets
User Parameters
Linear Parameter Linking