Mass Properties Analysis Introduction


The Mass Properties analysis is a way to capture the masses, moments of inertia, and center of mass locations in an OpenVSP model or set. The density and mass/area for each component are used to compute the individual contributions to the total. Mass properties are computed by slicing the model in the X-direction with a set number of slices, meaning that a more accurate mass buildup will be achieved with more slices. Also recall that component Priority determines the hierarchy of overlapping or internal components in which higher priority values will override those of lower value e.g., priority 2 will take precedence over priority 1 and 0. This is very important to keep in mind when producing mass buildups for complex models with multiple internal or intersecting components. Blank components may also be used to define point masses in this analysis.

More information on component mass properties are available in the General Component topics:
Mass Property: Fundamentals
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