Chapter 3: Model Analysis in OpenVSP

These tutorials and content focus on the various analyses available within OpenVSP and provide guidance and information in their use. Wherever applicable, examples are provided for the user.

Comp Geom

Comp Geom Introduction and Use

Planar Slice

Planar Slice Introduction
Planar Slice Use and Behavior

Mass Properties

Mass Properties Analysis Introduction
Mass Properties Analysis Execution
Mass Properties Result File Overview

Projected Area

Projected Area Introduction
Projected Area Targets
Projected Area Boundaries
Projected Area Direction


VSPAERO Introduction
VSPAERO Reference Values
VSPAERO Viewer Basics
VSPAERO Results Manager Overview

Parasite Drag

Parasite Drag Introduction and Use
Parasite Drag Flow Conditions
Parasite Drag Equation Options
Parasite Drag Component Grouping
Parasite Drag Excrescence