Fuselage File Cross-Section


The Fuse File cross-section type applies a spline through a specified set of points in a formatted FXS file. The points will follow a closed path starting from the positive X-intercept and move clockwise about the coordinate plane until returning to the original, first point. The first and last points in this file MUST be the same for the file to work. The height and width of the cross-section will be automatically calculated and applied to your model once a FXS file is chosen. An example FXS file is given below.

In general, users should attempt to use the Edit Curve type rather than a Fuse File to match a particular profile. Edit Curve has significant advantages in fine control, point matching, and spline variation and will typically result in a much more accurate representation of the desired shape than with a Fuse File.

Example FXS File

1.0  0.0
0.0  -1.0
-1.0   0.0
0.0   1.0
1.0  0.0