Chapter 2: Modeling and Designing Intent

Component Sets

Sets Introduction and the Set Editor
Leveraging Sets for Analyses
Leveraging Sets for Group Isolation
Exporting Sets

Design Variables

Design Variable Introduction
Adding, Removing, and Adjusting Design Variables
Saving or Loading a Design Variable File
Modifying and Executing a Design Variable File
Finding Parameters Using the Design Variable Explorer
Design Variable Conflicts and How to Avoid Them

Variable Presets

Variable Preset Introduction
Preset Groups, Settings, and Adding Variables
Adjusting Parameters and Updating a Setting
Variable Preset Example: NASA X-57

User Parameters

User Parameter Introduction
Creating and Adjusting a User Parameter
User Parm Wing Loading Example
User Parm Linked Hinge Example


Snap-To Introduction
Interactive Collision Detection
Manual Collision Detection
Rotor Collision Example

Linear Parameter Linking

Parameter Link Introduction
Creating or Modifying a Link
Creating a Parametric Clone
Parameter Link Best Practices (In Progress…)


Introduction to Subsurfaces
Subsurface Lines
Subsurface Finite Lines
Subsurface Rectangle
Subsurface Ellipse
Control Surfaces Introduction
Control Surface Refinement