Adding and Removing Points in Curve Editor


To add points to an Edit Curve, either set the desired U location along the curve and click “Split U” or click the “Split Pick” button and click on the desired cut point on the curve in the display. In either case, a new point will be added to the curve and any necessary interpolation will automatically take place to maintain the existing curve shape. Note that adding a control point to a Cubic Bezier type will result in new control point tangencies for the new point and adjacent points. Adding a control point to a PCHIP Spline will result in a slightly different curve due to the new enforced point.

To remove points from an Edit Curve, either select the point using the arrows to cycle the active point then click “Delete Selected” or click “Delete Pick” and click on the desired point to be removed. Similar to adding a point to a Spline, removing points will result in a relofted curve. Also, removing a point from a Cubic Bezier curve will not alter the adjacent points’ tangencies or locations. With Cubic Bezier curves, only the primary control points (not the adjacent tangency points) may be deleted.