Superellipse Cross-Section


The Superellipse cross-section may be found in the Type dropdown menu. This cross-section provides additional control over the shape while limiting the number of driving parameters. For example, different combinations of M and N exponents can create circles, ellipses, rounded rectangle approximations, bell sections, and others. Altering the location of maximum width (MaxWLoc) along with different top and bottom M/N exponents further expand this cross-section’s capabilities. In many cases, a fuselage cross-section can be recreated or at least accurately approximated using the Superellipse type. For more complex sections, a General Fuse can be effective but the Edit Curve type will provide the most function and accuracy. Note that the MaxWLoc may be set beyond the prescribed height of the section, either positive or negative, where the physical distance between the topmost and bottommost points differs from the height which is the distance of the Y-intercept points of the cross-section profile.