VSPAERO Results Manager Overview


The VSPAERO Results Manager provides a convenient way to interact with and visualize VSPAERO solution data. Convergence histories for each case or condition may be examined either as the Log of the residual or as the actual value for many different metrics. The spanwise load distribution of a variety of results may be plotted collectively or on a per-case basis. If multiple cases were run, the sweep of these parameters may be plotted together by choosing any two variables from the menu. For example, a drag polar can be plotted by choosing CDtot as the X axis and CL as the Y axis. Any solution slices defined for a run may be visualized in the Cp Slice tab where the delta-Cp will be drawn for thin-surface VLM runs and Cp is drawn for thick-surface panel runs. Any unsteady VSPAERO cases, such as those for pitch response or rotating propeller blades, will have the time history of the results displayed in the Unsteady tab.

The previous results from a VSPAERO analysis may be loaded into the Results Manager without requiring a case restart by clicking the “Load Previous Results” button in the VSPAERO GUI. The Results Manager window will automatically display once a run is complete or results are loaded but may be manually launched by clicking the “Show Results Mgr” button. Each VSPAERO result output file is written to the relevant directory. However, if desired, users may save a collective results file by clicking “Export to *.csv” in the VSPAERO GUI.