Creating and Adjusting a User Parameter


Creating a custom User Parameter is fairly straightforward. In the Create Parm box, choose the type of variable (Integer or Double) and then provide a name, group, and description along with the min, default, and max values. Providing a clear description of the new variable is good practice because it will serve as a reminder of the purpose of the variable and inform other users of the variable’s intent. Once you have entered the information for your new variable, click “Create” to add the variable to the list of User Defined Parms. The new parameter will now be available under the Adjust tab. If you find that any of the parameter settings are incorrect or require adjustment, click on the parameter in the Create tab inside the User Defined Parms box to show the information in the Edit User Defined Parms box. From the Edit box, you can enter new information into any of the fields and the parameter will update with the new values. Note that you cannot change the Type from Integer to Double or vice versa.

When you create a new parameter, think about what kind of number it should be and what the purpose will be. For example, if the new parameter is intended to be a scale factor, then a Double value makes sense. If the parameter is intended to represent whole parts (engines or people, for example), then an Integer type should be chosen.