Propeller Caps and Tessellation


The root and tip cap types may be altered under the More tab in the propeller component window.  With these settings, you can alter the shape of the cap between flat, rounded, or sharp and also adjust the tessellation or number of interpolated lines on the cap.  Similar to other caps, if you find that the root or tip cap is too sharply turning at the leading or trailing edges you can activate the Sweep Stretch button which will loft those caps a bit more and smooth the transition.

The overall tessellation of your propeller is set using the Num U and Num W parameters under the Gen tab where a larger number of points in the radial or chordwise directions will generally decrease any faceting of the blade surface.  The clustering or grouping of these lines may be adjusted under the More tab where the leading edge, trailing edge, root, and tip clustering are located.  Values less than 1.0 group the lines closer together in the region and values greater than 1.0 space them further apart.  A value of 1.0 implies uniform or unit strength at that location.  For uniform distribution, set both ends of the blade (either LE/TE or root/tip) to 1.0.