Body of Revolution: Design Parameters


There are relatively few Design parameters for the Body of Revolution component, at least those generalized for the axisymmetric shape. These Design parameters are only available in Flowthrough design mode. Diameter sets the diameter of the controlling leading edge feature line wrapped around the center axis. Note that even if you modify the leading edge closure, the Diameter is still calculated on the original, unmodified W reference location. If you skew upper, it will use the inner curve. If you skew lower, it will use the outer curve. If you skew both, it will use the middle curve.

The Angle parameter sets the angle between a straight line from the fixed leading edge and trailing edge and the centerline where positive angle moves the trailing edge inward and negative angle moves the trailing edge outward. Again, if you choose to modify the trailing edge closure, the original, unmodified reference edge is used for Angle.