Propeller Introduction


The Propeller component is perhaps the most complex OpenVSP geometry there is to date. This stems from the fact that there are countless variations of the methods used to design propellers, rotors, proprotors, fans, turbines, compressors, windmills, vanes, etc. and while the most fundamental purpose of each of these is to push or turn air (or other fluidic mediums), the assumptions and even the nomenclature associated with them vary. It is very difficult for a single parameterized model, however complex, to capture the intent behind each of these applications. The OpenVSP Propeller component has been parameterized in such a way that whatever the application, the designer may either directly alter the given parameters or determine a translation between intent and implementation. This tutorial provides a brief introduction to this powerful component and lays out a path for the training content that follows. In this Subject you will learn how to alter the overall shape of the rotor by changing the number of blades, the diameter, and the blade feather or 3/4 pitch while also diving into the individual curves that will define the blade profile as well as how to alter the airfoil or section distribution. Additional tutorials are provided that demonstrate the propeller folding parameters and how to alter the tessellation for export to other tools such as CFD grid generators.