Edit Curve Introduction


OpenVSP includes a manual curve editor that enables users to modify existing cross-sections or create entirely unique shapes with simple, click-and-drag operations. Any cross-section type may be converted to an Edit Curve by clicking the “Convert CEDIT” button next to the type dropdown and Show button. The Edit Curve type may also be selected from the dropdown to initialize a new Edit Curve at that cross-section. The curve editor is intended to make cross-section modification as user-friendly as reasonable while maintaining remarkable customization including multiple curve types (linear, spline, Bezier), three-dimensional control, symmetry, numerous display options, corner radii, and U-spacing distribution.

Users are encouraged to test this cross-section type to become familiar with the Edit Curve features but are warned that this is an advanced capability. If your model cross-sections can be implemented with other curve types such as ellipses, rounded rectangles, etc., then we recommend using those. Edit Curve sections should be used when the parameterization of existing cross-sections (including the number of control points or corners) is insufficient to accomplish your goals.

Recent cross-section improvements were presented at the 2022 OpenVSP Workshop which include several features of Edit Curves.