Skinning with Slew


The Slew parameter changes the angle of the feature line “in-plane” relative to the surface and cross-section normal. Similar to how the Angle parameter moves the feature line “in” or “out” of the body, Slew moves the line “side-to-side.” This video demonstrates how to adjust the Slew parameter and the sign conventions associated with positive and negative rotations on the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right feature lines. Note that the sign conventions for the Bottom and Left sides are opposite that of the Top and Right sides to maintain symmetry when rotating the feature lines. For example, in a non-rotated section where Z is up and Y is right, positive Slew will rotate both the Top and Bottom lines about +Z and the Right and Left lines about +Y according to the right-hand rule.

Slew is typically most useful for cross-sections that are rotated or are of a type that allows shifting the maximum width location e.g., General Fuse or Super Ellipse.