The fully virtual 2020 OpenVSP Workshop is coming soon!

The OpenVSP Workshop is scheduled for September 15-17 this year and will be a fully virtual, free, and open event!  There are still open time slots remaining so we are opening our call for papers or presentations to include everyone interested. If you are using OpenVSP to educate or in university design courses, tell us about your experiences. If you have had successes or failures using OpenVSP in your work or hobbies, we’d like to hear about them. If you have found a new and interesting way to leverage OpenVSP to integrate into other tools or to streamline your processes, let us know.  Viewers no longer need to register.  Simply follow the links when they are posted!  Those interested in presenting should make their intent known by August 31 to allow sufficient time for planning.

The Workshop will be streamed through the OpenVSP YouTube Channel.  Real-time comments and questions will be available through the YouTube Live Chat on the feed.  The moderators will either answer these in the chat feed or forward the questions to the presenter to answer directly.  Presentations will start at 11 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. each day (U.S. Eastern time).  Each talk will begin promptly at the top of the hour and be a maximum of 45 minutes in length providing a 15 minute break for Q&A and setting up the next presenter.  The event schedule will be posted on the 2020 VSP Workshop Wiki page along with links to the live feed by September 7th.  Topics to be presented will range from introductory material to advanced modeling techniques as well as ongoing software improvements and feature additions. This year we also hope to host live developer sessions where advanced users will walk you through building OpenVSP from the Git source and how to build and use the OpenVSP Python API.

Please email Brandon Litherland if you have any questions about the Workshop or would like to be a presenter. We look forward to seeing you!

OpenVSP Ground School Content Updated

The primary focus of the Ground School team is to get OpenVSP Fundamentals out to the user community as quickly as possible.  To that end, we are continuously working on adding content and regularly updating the tutorials.  Users are welcome to subscribe to the Posts page so they can stay up to date with the training content**.  We will post notifications to this page summarizing new content including the Chapter, Subject, and Topic name.

** Subscription to this site is currently under improvement.  Certain domains are not allowing notifications to go through. This feature will be activated when we can ensure that users will properly receive confirmations and notifications regardless of email domain.  Thank you for your patience!


New Content in Production

We are working through the challenges of the current environment to bring new content to the site.  Additional fundamentals will be added soon that cover other component behavior and use.

The next available content will be a full walkthrough of building a VSP model based on an existing aircraft.  All of the tips and tricks that you will need to get started will be covered in these tutorials.

We hope that you are all enjoying the content!  Feel free to reach out with any questions either directly via the page contact information or the OpenVSP Google Group.

OpenVSP Ground School is Live!

The Open Vehicle Sketch Pad online training program is now available!

This early release is intended to provide basic instruction to users of all experience levels but will be most useful for those new to OpenVSP.  The content within this site will be growing significantly over the next several months so I hope that you follow along and learn the many uses of this powerful design tool.

A tentative content map will be provided soon showing the expected breakdown of topics by Chapter > Subject > and Topic.  As the site grows, we will be adding summaries of the video content to each page along with procedures as appropriate to help you follow along.  A comprehensive walkthrough for modeling a representative aircraft will be posted soon!

Many in the user community have asked for a learning resource like this so we are striving to make it the best that we can.  Expect changes as we grow into this new framework and bear with us as we find the bugs.

We are very excited about this program and hope that you can use the tutorials to not only learn OpenVSP basics but to keep it as a library of knowledge along with the existing OpenVSP resources.  We hope you enjoy the videos!

NASA’s X-57 Maxwell Common Research Model